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hEY yUO guise...............

2008-02-05 06:47:04 by SixMoon

I am SixMoon.

The Moon Myndicate owns you.

hEY yUO guise...............


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2008-02-05 07:01:30

moon myndicate?


2008-02-06 03:20:30

MOON MYNDICATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-02-06 07:07:39

Moon Myndicate is shit, gtfo newgrounds.

SixMoon responds:

Mista-Manuva-San is shit, gtfo life.


2008-03-06 08:47:45

yea moon myndicate


2008-03-08 13:37:31

hey hey hey

SixMoon responds:



2008-03-13 17:53:22

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SixMoon responds:

Ahh, that was beautiful man.